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About Camp 4 Cancer

These days it is hard not to come across someone that has either been directly or indirectly affected by cancer.  We all know ‘someone’ or we are that ‘someone’.  For anyone that has lived with it, through it or has beaten it, the process and roller coaster of emotions affects not just one person.

Raising funds for cancer research

Camp 4 Cancer is a charity formed and run by a group of close friends with its sole purpose to raise much needed funds for cancer research, in particular the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Echuca Oncology department and our Queensland branch raising funds for Rare Cancers Australia.  Our aim and purpose is to bring people together from all walks of life for a weekend of fun and entertainment Australia wide.

A weekend festival

Since 2015 this camping event has the feel of a weekend festival with live bands, food stalls, merchandise, camp fires, memorial and candle ceremony, loads of activities to keep the kids entertained, raffles, auctions, guest speakers, traditional Aboriginal ceremonies, laughs and tears.

Where do the funds raised go?

Thanks to your generous support and the participation of over 500 people who camped out at the Wallan (Vic) event in March 2022 we were able to raise a fantastic sum of $62,000. The total funds donated since 2015 are well over 250k. Camp4Cancer is proud to say that 100% of funds raised has been donated to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Victoria.

Where the funds go

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a leading integrated cancer research, treatment and education centre globally.

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Echuca Regional Health lifesaving Cancer and Wellness Centre funded by the Victorian Government.

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The Founder Ben Roarty 

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